Managed WordPress hosting on high availability private cloud

Industrial-grade, high-performance, high-availability private cloud

Quickly deploy your WordPress site on hyperscalar cloud architectures integrating LiteSpeed: automatically resizable horizontally and/or vertically where you only pay for what you actually use.

New Generation

Cloud Hosting

At leRucher CLOUD, we provide you with a pool of XXL computing power that you can use as you wish. Forget endless comparisons and complicated migrations between hosting packages. With leRucher CLOUD, your hosting platform automatically grows with your success and your needs within the limits you define. Free yourself from the limitations imposed by traditional hosting providers (number of cores, amount of RAM, disk space etc.) by moving to flexible, high-performance cloud hosting today.

Classic Cloud Hosters

– Paying for limits, used or not –

Limitations imposed by the offers (1, 2, 3 CPU cores – 2, 4, 6 GB RAM…), complex and time-consuming migration… Oversized size? Undersized?


leRucher CLOUD Hosting

– Pay-per-use, nothing more –

Dedicated XXL computing power pool allocated by default. Your hosting automatically adjusts to fit your needs, within the limits you define.

WordPress on steroids

INSOLENT performances

leRucher CLOUD has designed pre-configured containers for hosting sites built with WordPress in order to get the best possible performance for unmatched cost-effectiveness! Our containers are 100% dedicated and 100% isolated with their own allocated resources. They integrate the best hardware and software components such as LiteSpeed web servers, WP LiteSpeed Cache, Redis, SSD disks…

State-of-the-art technologies

LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise Edition
WP LiteSpeed Cache plugin
Redis Object Cache
MariaDB database
High performance SSD disk
Anti backdrop, Network Firewall, WAF layer 7, WP brute force protection…

Unmatched WordPress Performance

Offer your visitors exceptional browsing comfort and distance yourself from your competitors:

– Boost your referencing with better display times.
– Reduce bounce rate and increase pageview
– Improve the retention rate of your visitors

Example of gain after migration to



We post numbers on pretty charts, but we also make videos with live performance tests. Check out our WordPress performance benchmarks

fully automated

Life cycle management process

Deploy your industrial-grade hosting space in minutes.

Unlike traditional Cloud providers (Digital Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud…) our platform does all the work for you.

Installation, scaling, replication and updates are fully automated in the background and require no intervention on your part.

Focus on what matters most: the development of your business, without worrying about your hosting, we take care of it.

Whether you are a novice, a web agency or a Cloud expert, the flexibility and possibilities offered by the leRucher CLOUD platform are suitable for any type of user. We offer fully automated services for simplified hosting as well as “à la carte” services for professionals in the web hosting industry.

Ready to deploy

High Availability WordPress Stacks

The most complete, most fastest, most reliable, and most cost-effective way to serve WordPress content including the best hosting industry services currently available on the market with HTTP3/QUIC protocol support

Pre-configured containers, choose the desired topology: click, deploy, enjoy

WordPress Standalone Kit

From 7.36€ excl tax / month

High-performance, out-of-the-box automated WordPress application solution for websites of any size and budget, automatic vertical resizing.

100% Dedicated Resources: Offer your visitors an unparalleled browsing experience with unbeatable performance for an unbeatable cost-to-quality ratio.

Included: Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate, Dedicated IP, LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise Edition, WP LiteSpeed Cache plugin, MariaDB, Redis Cache, 10GB SSD disk space, daily backups.

WordPress Cluster Kit

From 29.44€ excl tax / month

High performance and High Availability (HA) automated WordPress application solution for large enterprise websites and highly strategic e-commerce sites.

Forget about downtime and slow site response times with a distributed, redundant and secure architecture that integrates the best software components available on the market supporting the HTTP/3 QUIC protocol.

Easy deployment, flexibility and ultra-fine configuration granularity for ultimate performance with controlled TCO.

High Performance Stacks for Web Agencies

Hosting multiple sites

Significantly increase the quality of services you offer to your customers while improving your margins:
leRucher CLOUD has developed ready-to-use, high-performance containers and architectures including the best technologies in the web hosting industry for web agencies wishing to rationalize their hosting costs.

Plesk Hosting

From 49€ HT / month

Customized container designed for shared hosting of sites including a management panel. Enhanced performance, automatically vertically scalable to handle any load peaks at minimal cost.

Dedicated computing power pool up to 51.2Ghz CPU and 64GB RAM
1 dedicated IP included (additional dedicated IPs optional)
Network FireWall
Optional Plesk License
Optional LiteSpeed Web Server License
Redis Object Caching

Currently being redesigned, coming soon

A la carte infrastructure

Tailored Cloud Architecture Consulting

Do you want to deploy a specific Cloud architecture to meet particular needs?

Our cloud engineers study and accompany you for the deployment of customized solutions: Bank hosting, trading platforms, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, Smart Contracts based on the Ethereum blockachain.

Housing (rental of 1U to full bays), dedicated IP blocks (blaklistfree certified and whitelisted by the Great Firewall of China and Russia), dedicated and redundant Internet backbone connections from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Next Generation Cloud Pricing Model


Automatic scaling with payment based on real consumption, not server size.
Model inspired by the telecom industry: As with a prepaid phone card, you top up your account with credit, your balance is debited for what you consume instead of paying a subscription for a package that has never been used.


And it’s not over! The more you consume

The less you pay @_@

Reduce the cost of hosting your cloud architecture by up to 74%.

Trusted by

Agence WebPlus

We have demanding customers with varied and constantly evolving technical constraints. At the end of 2018, we abandoned hosting on dedicated servers in favour of a highly available, more reliable and secure serverless architecture.
We have tripled the performance for hosting our customers’ sites for the same TCO and without having to increase our rates, which is crucial in an ultra-competitive sector.

Leaving the hosting industry?

We buy your web hosting business

Are you running a web hosting company or are you a reseller looking to get out of the market?
Sell us your business.
We can provide a great alternative for your customers, with minimal hassle and no downtime, while getting a fair return for your business.

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